Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil – 100% Pure & Undiluted – Blue Diamond Therapeutic Grade


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  • Avíanō Botanicals’ 100% PURE & ALL NATURAL THERAPEUTIC GRADE Lavender Essential Oil is strong enough to work wonders with only a couple drops, while other brands may need 3x as many drops to reap any benefits.
  • Our UNIQUE EYE DROPPER allows you to precisely measure drop by drop and avoid accidentally spilling a few extra drops. This will insure that our concentrated lavender essential oil will last much longer than most larger 2 and 4 oz bottles on the market.
  • BEST SWEET SCENTED KASHMIR LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: Our undiluted lavender essential oil is 100% PURE hence can be used for aromatherapy in luxurious spas or even at home using a diffuser for a feeling of pure serenity and bliss due to its strong and naturally sweet fragrance. No diffuser? Just mix this oil with water and put in a spray bottle to mist some on your body, linens, pillows, to sense the aromatic scent and feel of organic tranquility.
  • Since lavender essential oil is a liquid, you can USE THEM FOR MAKING MANY HOMEMADE ITEMS such as perfumes, candles, body wash, bath salt, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, baby oils, soaps, and more! Or simply add a couple drops to these(or other) existing items you have laying around to power-pack them with the power and luxurious scent of Avíanō Botanicals’ Premium Lavender Essential Oil.
  • Our super powerful, extra virgin lavender essential oil uses wild Kashmir lavender flowers which are HARVESTED AT THE PERFECT TIME to capture the natural essence hence you can USE THEM FOR THERAPEUTIC PURPOSES such as to improve appearance of healthy hair, nails, cuticles, for better appearance of eczema, scars, acne on face or body, and all other kinds of skin conditions.* A lot of other essential oils on the market lack potent powers due to them caring more about quantity over quality.

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